15 Best and Must-Install Android Applications in 2022

Having a smartphone nowadays is like becoming one of the must-haves for everyone. Almost all existing activities such as work to the need for communication facilities rely heavily on the smartphone as the main heart. There are many different Android applications that you can download and use on your smartphone .
All available Android applications have different functions so that they can increase your productivity while working. Not only that, some applications can also provide you with very valuable information such as news to the latest weather forecast reports. To make it easier for you to find the best Android application, this article will discuss about:
  1. Android app: Udemy
  2. Android app: Glitch Lab
  3. Android app: KineMaster
  4. Android app: Duolingo
  5. Android app: Adobe Lightroom CC
  6. Android app: 1Weather
  7. Android app: Google Drive
  8. Android app: LastPass Password Manager
  9. Android app: True Caller
  10. Android app: Shazam
  11. Android app: MX Player
  12. Android app: Star Walk 2
  13. Android app: Tidal
  14. Android app: Netflix
  15. Android app: Disney+ Hotstar

1. Android App: Udemy

Every human being needs to learn in order to gain various forms of new experiences. Nowadays, it is no longer necessary to go through the formal education system to get an education. By utilizing an Android application called Udemy , you can get various forms of training and certification just by registering and following the courses offered on Udemy.
Android applications are not only useful for improving the “health” and performance of the smartphone, but also the health and performance of the user’s body. Want to own a house in the Depok area with a price below Rp700 million that has sports facilities so you can improve your performance and keep your body healthy? Check out his selection here!

2. Android App: Glitch Lab

Thanks to the advancement of technology, you can now directly edit the results of photography just by using a smartphone . The Glitch Lab application gives you the opportunity to directly edit photos while providing a very unique and interesting glitch effect on your photos. There are more than 100 effects that you can try to make your photos look more interesting and different.

3. Android application: KineMaster

At first, when you want to edit a video, you must first transfer the film that has been recorded on the mobile phone to the computer. Along with the continuous increase in the capabilities of the existing hardware , you can now easily edit videos only through an Android smartphone .
You can use the KineMaster Android application to do video editing very easily without having to use a computer at all. You can also add additional audio layers and visual transitions to produce videos with good quality.

4. Android app: Duolingo

Language is one of the links between human beings. If you were interested in learning a foreign language then you should register for a lesson or call a private teacher. Nowadays, you can easily learn a foreign language by yourself just by using the Duolingo application . In the application there are several different types of languages ​​that you can try to learn. The learning system is also very interesting because you will be given practice questions every day to learn.

5. Android application: Adobe Lightroom CC

Photo editing needs to be done so that the results of the photo shoot can look optimal and match what you want. Adobe Lightroom CC is one of the applications that can be used to edit your photos professionally and produce quality that can be made according to your wishes. Adobe Lightroom CC also has several presets that you can use so that you don’t have to worry about changing the settings one by one.

6. Android application: 1Weather

The weather is often one of those things that you cannot predict. Maybe you once had plans to travel but suddenly it rained heavily and made your plans a little messy. You can try to download the 1Weather application to find out the weather forecast directly on your Android smartphone . Its simple and attractive appearance also makes this application very easy to use. There is also a widget feature that you can add to the home screen on your smartphone.

7. Android application: Google Drive

Often the problem of limited storage memory on a smartphone can be a problem for you. Save your photos and important files in the cloud using the Google Drive application. For free or unpaid accounts, you will get storage with a capacity of 15GB. One of the advantages of Google Drive is that you can transfer your various files or photos very easily from one device to another.

You can synchronize the Google Drive application with various devices you own so that you can exchange and transfer files easily.

8. Android app: LastPass Password Manager

Passwords are one of the things that are often forgotten easily. Save all passwords from the applications you have by using the LastPass Password Manager application. Saving the password is very important to do, because you don’t have to bother and be confused to change the password if you forget it. This application can also help you to create a new password with a password generator system that is safe and not easy to break into.

9. Android app: True Caller

Have you ever received a disturbing phone call offering a promotion or a cash loan? By using the True Caller application, you can find out the identity of the caller so you can decide whether to pick up the incoming call or not. You can also find out the identity of the fraudster easily, so that you can avoid harmful fraud.

10. Android app: Shazam

Have you ever been listening to a song on the radio and suddenly come across a very familiar song but you don’t remember the title? Take advantage of the Shazam application to find out the title of the song being played. The Shazam app will record a song for a few seconds and quickly find the song title. Not only that, the application will also display song lyrics so you can sing along and enjoy the songs you like.

11. Android application: MX Player

You can’t always enjoy streaming movie services, because internet connectivity can’t always be found, especially when you’re traveling out of town. Use the MX Player Android application to easily play various movie collections with Blu – ray quality on your smartphone . This application can also display subtitles clearly so that you can enjoy watching movies offline comfortably.

12. Android Application: Star Walk 2

Maybe there are some of you who like the beauty of the sky and outer space, now you don’t need to bother to open the star binoculars and look at the clear night sky. Through an Android smartphone , you can download the Star Walk 2 application to find out and ‘see’ the constellations of stars and the sky in outer space easily. On the Star Walk 2 application, you can also see the constellations and imaginary lines in complete and detailed terms.

13. Android App: Tidal

Since 2019, streaming and paid music services have become increasingly popular. Consumers are very interested in listening to high quality music without having to bother downloading and saving it on their smartphone . The Tidal application offers music and audio with very clear and sharp HiFi Lossless quality. You can also share the music you are listening to via Instagram so that others can also listen to the songs you like.

14. Android app: Netflix

Watching movies is one of the best ways to relieve fatigue and stress. Netflix is ​​an Android application that is very popular because you can stream various movies online easily through your smartphone . By subscribing every month starting from IDR 60 thousand, you can enjoy a variety of very interesting movies in the palm of your hand.

15. Android App: Disney+ Hotstar

One of the ways you can try to entertain children at home is by accompanying them to watch interesting movies. You can try to download the Disney+ Hotstar app to give your kids a variety of friendly and safe shows to watch. If you are one of the fans of Marvel movies then Disney+ Hotstar can give you interesting shows via smartphone.
Those are the 15 best Android application recommendations in 2022 that you can try to download on your smartphone . Also make sure that the storage memory on your smartphone is sufficient before downloading the application you want.

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