How to read messages, listen to voice clips, view photos and WhatsApp statuses without the other person knowing

Unless you have read receipts disabled, WhatsApp notifies the other person every time you read their messages, showing the double blue check . However, there are many ways to read WhatsApp messages without the other person knowing by keeping the double check activated, some as simple as using the application’s official widget.

The WhatsApp widget is possibly the easiest way to read messages on WhatsApp without alerting the other person, although it is limited to text. Luckily, there are also ways to view WhatsApp statuses, photos, and listen to voice clips without the other person receiving a double blue check.

Read WhatsApp messages without double check

To read WhatsApp messages in ninja mode – that is, without showing them as read to the other person – you don’t need to use complicated applications. All you need is the official WhatsApp widget for Android . WhatsApp officially has a single widget, although three will appear in your launcher, the two additional shortcuts to open the camera or a specific chat.

The way to add the WhatsApp widget is the same as any other widget. Make a long touch on an empty place on the mobile home screen until the launcher settings are displayed. Tap on widgets and then find the WhatsApp widget in the list (they are usually sorted alphabetically).

Note that the WhatsApp widget is resizable , and if it is too small it will show a number with the number of unread messages, instead of the list of messages. Make it big enough to show the preview of the messages, and you have your machine to read messages without telling the other person.

The WhatsApp widget includes vertical scrolling , so you can see all your latest messages, even if they are many or very long. The only drawback is that emojis, photos, stickers or animated GIFs are not shown, although at least the indication that they have been sent is included. In summary, the process is as follows:

  • Make a long touch on the mobile home screen
  • choose widgets
  • Add the 4×2 size WhatsApp widget in a free place
  • If the widget shows only a number, resize it to make it bigger
  • That’s it, the widget will show the last unread messages

View photos and videos without them knowing

The WhatsApp widget shows only the latest unread messages, but not the stickers, photos, animated GIFs, or anything else inserted into them. However, you can also see the photos, videos and animated GIFs that are sent to WhatsApp without being known , although with another method.

For this you will need to use a file explorer. There are many, though you don’t need to install any apps. Your mobile should have an app called Files for it. If not, a free option is Google Files.

The trick here is to see the photos and videos from the mobile folders and not with WhatsApp . WhatsApp religiously saves everything that is (and is) sent to you in its folder, so you can open photos and videos without notification being sent to the other person.

To do this, you just need to enter the appropriate folder in the file explorer. WhatsApp saves photos and videos, as well as those received and sent, in different folders. These are the folders you should visit:

  • Photos received : They are on WhatsApp / Media / WhatsApp Images / Private
  • Received videos : They are in WhatsApp / Media / WhatsApp Video / Private

Keep in mind that for this to work you need to have the automatic download of photos and files activated in the WhatsApp settings, otherwise the photo will not be downloaded until you enter the chat (and the read notice will be sent). In short, this is the process to view photos on WhatsApp without the other person knowing:

  • Use a file manager for Android
  • Go to WhatsApp / Media / WhatsApp Images / Private folder
  • Open the photos or videos from there

See WhatsApp statuses without them knowing

If what you want is to see WhatsApp statuses without showing the other person that you have seen them, you can also do it, although with some conditions. The trick only works for photo statuses and not text-only statuses.

The process is basically the same as before, and you will need to use a file manager to browse the WhatsApp folder. This time you should go to WhatsApp / Media / .Statuses . Inside you will find the photos with the latest WhatsApp statuses that your contacts have shared.

This trick has the limitation that it does not work for text – only states . In this case, you can always open the Status tab in WhatsApp and see the status preview, where the text will be displayed and, in some cases, you will be able to read it without sending a notice. In summary, this is the process:

  • Use a file manager for Android
  • Go to WhatsApp / Media / .Statuses folder
  • Open status photos or videos from there

Listen to voice memos without them knowing

Finally, it is also possible to listen to voice messages without the other person knowing , using the same method as in the two previous cases. That is, you will need to use an Android file manager to find and open the voice memo files. This trick also helps you to know what the audio says without listening to it .

WhatsApp voice notes are saved in the WhatsApp / Media / WhatsApp Voice Notes folder . Inside you will find the audio files with the voice notes , classified in folders by date. Open the file with an audio player.

As you can see, a normal file manager and the official WhatsApp widget are more than enough to keep you on top of conversations without sending a double blue check. The process to listen to WhatsApp voice notes without the other person knowing is that easy:

  • Use a file manager for Android
  • Go to WhatsApp / Media / Whatsapp Voice Notes folder
  • Enter the last folder and play the audio files

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